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Editorial Urges Social Stability


Today's People's Daily carries an editorial calling for an unswerving effort to ensure social stability.

The editorial points out that the US-led NATO attack on the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade exposed the fact that anti-China hostile forces in the West have never abandoned their scheme to ruin China. It notes that the attack was designed to disturb China's unity and stability, and disrupt the nation's sound economic development.

The ulterior motives of the atrocity committed by US-led NATO aimed to challenge the degree of China's social stability and the Chinese government and people have condemned and responded with a powerful counterblow against the sinister design of the criminal act, according to the editorial. People throughout the nation have expressed a common will to ensure China's stability. China needs development and China must remain strong. China must steadfastly avoid letting a disturbance created by outside forces spark internal chaos.

Speaking at a recent ceremony welcoming staffers upon their return from the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, President Jiang Zemin called on China to unswervingly maintain social stability in order to guarantee the completion of various reform and modernization tasks.

"The call reflected a united appeal and the strong will of the Party and people from all ethnic groups across the country," the editorial says.

"Stability is extremely important for the Chinese people who are focusing on the reform, opening and socialist modernization drive, " says the editorial, adding that nothing can be accomplished without political stability and unity.

The editorial recalls China's successes in dealing with the Asia financial crisis and record flooding which hit northeast and central China last summer. It hails the fact that China has stood severe tests by maintaining economic and social stability. The hostile forces in and out of China are unwilling to see a prosperous socialist China marching forward. The editorial stresses that any behavior which jeopardizes China's political stability and unity must be stopped resolutely in the embryonic stage.

China, a nation bullied by Western powers throughout history, has a deep understanding of the importance of stability and unity, the editorial says.

"We must cherish and safeguard the social stability and unity of all ethnic groups in the same way as we cherish our eyes," it adds.

The editorial urges people to firmly trust and conscientiously respect the authority and leadership of the Party Central Committee. Chinese citizens must wholeheartedly join in efforts to deepen reform, promote economic development and safeguard the common interests of people throughout the nation in order realize the common goals.

The editorial urges the Party and people from all ethnic groups to correctly handle the relationship between reform, development and stability by closely uniting with the Party Central Committee with Jiang Zemin at the core, holding high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and implementing policies mapped out by the Party and the government.

People's Daily TopNews 1999-06-02 Page1

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