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Deng Xiaoping (鄧 少 平 ), the new leader of China, disbands communes, allows farmers to freely sell their products and introduces profit incentives for factories.It is called "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" - a wonder of rhetoric.


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Unprecedented! Thousands of people gather in Tiananmen Square (天 安 門) to call for democracy. Of the two Communist Empires, will China be the first to open up? The answer from the totalitarian regime is bloody.




The 14th Party Congress comes up with the formula: "Socialist Market Economy", to be inscribed in the Constitution the following year. Meaning: from now on, making profit is OK, as long as you use the word "socialist".


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Beijing's bid to host

the Olympic Games is turned down.

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de Gen鋦e

Deng Xiaoping dies at 92.

He'll be remembered as the man who put China on the path to economic reforms (...and what else ?).

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The British colony of Hong Kong is returned to China.

Macao will follow.

And Taiwan worries: 俐ill we be next?...

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Under Jian Zemin's leadership, the 15th Party Congress reveals its plan to sell most state-owned industries. In a word: privatize! In the coming years, tens of millions of workers will be laid off, with no social protection in sight.

Now, is this still socialism - or raw capitalism? For the average Chinese, it might be the worst of both worlds...

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Tough luck. Three days before President Jian Zemin starts his state visit to the United States, the Hong Kong stock market collapses. The crash may foreshadow a boarder one: the collapse of the Chinese economy.


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Bill Clinton pays back a visit to China...

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