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News Break-out 最 新 動 態  


As Taiwan and China continue their confrontation, the U.S. tries mediation


Interview: Vice President Lien Chan "Taiwan is being isolated"

Politics 政 治  

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Technology, Business & Economy 科 技, 商 業, 經 濟  

Special 特 別 消 息


Face-off: police confront suspected Falun Gong members in Guangzhou where about 10,000 people protested outside the government headquarters before dispersing without incident.

Fulan Gong Official Site

Interview Master Li defends his sect

專 訪 ﹕ 法 輪 功 創 始 人 李 洪 志 — — 我 和 中 情 局 沒 有 來 往

Predicting the Future of China

With the People's Republic about to turn 50, TIME and the World Economic Forum convened a panel of experts in Beijing to envision the next half-century

What can we be proud of?而 為 傲



What do we need to improve? 需 要 改 進  

Conserving energy in China

Protests 抗 議  


Others 其 他  

Singapore Lightens Up

Nanny state? Hardly. Once notorious for tight government control, the city-state is getting competitive, creative, even funky



Indonesians flocking to Hong Kong to seek better jobs as maids are finding fraud and exploitation

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