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John Woo

Born As: Ng Yu-Sam (d t )
Place of Birth: Guangzhou, Canton Province, China
Quote: "I hate violence."
Factoid: His classic gunfight scenes, which seem to feature more bullets than possible to fit in a single clip, are created by filming with three cameras at once.
Film Highlights:

"A Better Tomorrow" (1986)
Actor, Director, Producer, Writer
"The Killer" (1989)
Director, Writer
"Broken Arrow" (1996)
"Face/Off" (1997)
"The Replacement Killers" (1998)
    ra     Changes in "Face/Off" script.
    ra     On-screen violence.
    ra     Why stars want to work with him.
    ra     Language limitations as a director.
    ra     No problems with two superstars in "Face/Off."
    ra     His next movie.
    ra     Optimistic about Hong Kong's future.
  The Replacement Killers
    ra     He is the world's worst producer.
    ra     His visual style.
    ra     Never take action too seriously.
    ra     Violence on and off screen.
    ra     Casting "The Replacement Killers."
    ra     Chow Yun-Fat's appeal.
    ra     His respect for John Travolta.
    ra     Likes to spend time with his actors.