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Participants or Supporters of Free China Unity Conference


  1. Wang Xizhe,    617 666 2046
    Senior dissident from Guang Dong province  since 1960s, in jail several times altogether 15 years in labor camp. came to USA in late 1996. He was very famous for His major role in the "Li Yi Zhe" big character posts in 1970s in China against the CCP dictatorship system.
    Now he is one of the two spokes person for Free China Movement--a newly created coalition composed of more than 30 Chinese dissident organizations all around the world.
  2. Xu Shui liang,     718 388 0136
    senior dissidents from Jiang Shu province, in jail for more than 12 years because of his involvement in the anti- dictatorship effort ever since the cultural revolution in China. He was released because of international pressure in 1991 and went to USA in March this year. He is one of the 15 members of the Coordinate Committee of Free China Movement.
  3. Dr. Li Jing Jing, 212 225 9151  good English
    the founder of the Autonomous Federation of Beijing's Workers in Tian An Men Square in 1989 and handpicked Mr. Han Dongfang(Who is in Hong Kong right now) and others as the leaders of that free Labor Union. In jail for about two years after the massacre in Beijing and went to USA studying law and now a lawyer in New York City. member of Free China Movement.
  4. Yi Danxuan,  202 3331366 do not need translation, good English
    elected leader of the students movement in Guang Tong province in 1989 . in jail for two years after the crack down of the democracy movement in Beijing.
  5. Zhang Xian liang,   773 523 5408
    former political prisoners in ReEducation camp for more than 10 years because of his different political views than the government's. In jail for more than 10 years and tortured. had a very bad health right now living in Chicago with his daughter. Member of the Free China Movement Foundation.
  6. Gao Han,  202 347 3309
    dissident writer and worker organizer in 1970s, sentenced to 18 years and stayed in labor camp for 8 years and tortured and his wrests were  almost crippled by the police with life long signs on his arms.
  7. Dr. Ye Ning,  202 318248
    Pioneer human rights activist and dissident, in jail in 1970s and  lawyer in DC and leader of Party for Freedom and Democracy in China(PFDC)
  8. Lian Shengde  703 645 9054
    Former captain of Tian An Men Square Student leader in jail for two years, founder of China Freedom and Democracy Party in mainland China in 1992(with 14 colleagues still in jail sentenced to 7 to 20 years). President of Modern Chinese Problem Research Forum in Harvard University since 1995. International director of Free China Forum--an umbrella of 10 Chinese dissident organizations created in the end of 1997. Now he is the elected spokesperson and Coordinator and executive director of Free China Movement network--the largest Chinese dissident coalition founded on June 4th 1998.
  9. Dr. Xing Zhen
    former chair of IFCSS(Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars funded after the Beijing Massacre in 1989 in United States)
  10. Li Hongkuan
    owner and editor of the most powerful online magazine --VIP Reference and Small Reference targeting at more than 100,000 email accounts in China
  11. Ni Yuxian  516 789 5450
    Chair of The Party for Freedom and Democracy in China(PFDC). Senior dissident since 1970s, anchor of the book the second Loyalty and the Chinese Odyssey by Ann Thurston.
  12. Dr. Wang Bingzhang  516 931 0867
    Founder of oversees Chinese democracy movement in USA. founder and former chair of China Spring and Federation for A Democratic China(FDC) and now the spokesperson of Chinese Justice Party funded this year in USA and Mainland China.
  13. Xiong Yan  910 436 9464
    Former student leader of 1989's democracy movement in Beijing and former chair of PFDC.
  14. Zhou Yongjun  212 321 2350
    Former elected  chair of the Autonomous Federation of Universities inside Beijing in 1989 and in jail for 2 years. The founder of The Labor Union in Beijing in 1989 before the massacre
  15. Zhao Pinglu  718 321 2899
    former leader of the Autonomous Labor Union of Beijing Workers in 1989 and former political prisoner
    Now the leader of PFDC and Chinese Democratic Party
  16. Xiang Xiaojie
    Former student leader of the Dialogue Group in jail for 2 years and now the leader of Federation for A Democratic China(FDC)
  17. Li Shixiong
    former political prisoner in jail for about 20 years, newly arrived in USA.
  18. Wang Ming
    leader of Chinese Alliance for a Democratic China and China Spring
  19. Fu Shenqi
    General secretary of Chinese Justice Party and former political prisoner in jail for about 10 years in Shanghai.
  20. Li Fuli
    Former workers leader in Tian Jing in jail for 12 years and now leader of PFDC
  21. Yu Wu   33 1 4680 1470
    former leader of the Autonomous Labor Union of Beijing Workers in 1989 and former political prisoner
    living in France
  22. Xing Wen  202 232 5278
    Human rights activist
  23. Fang Nengda   3013150321
    Intellectual and veteran dissident leader
  24. Xie Chunzhi
    Honk Kong Chinese supporting Chinese democracy movement in USA and leader of China Long March Foundation, member organization of Free China Movement
  25. Pan Qiang
    leader of IFCSS and former student activist in Shan Tong Province and former political prisoner in jail for one year after June 4 1989
  26. Dr. Ma Hong Bao
    Chair of the Chinese Student Association in Michigan State University and one of the founders of the Modern Chinese Problem Research Forum in Harvard.
  27. Pan Guoping
    Former workers leader with about 40 million Chinese Workers in 1960s in jail for more than 12 years
    Now member of the Foundation board of Free China Movement.
  28. Pan Qing
    Leader of PFDC Australia Branch and long time human Rights activist in Australia
  29. Dr. Li Qing
    famous dissident leader in Australia and New Zealand
  30. Wang Ruowang
    Famous writer and veteran dissident leader. Chair of Chinese Democratic Party(USA)
  31. Chen Yizhi
    Former aid to premier Zhao Zhiyang and member of Princeton Research Institute
  32. Bache
    visiting scholar of Columbia University, dissident dedicating to Mongolia Issue
  33. Liu Xiaodi    315 7989948
    veteran human rights activist and scholar
  34. Chen Xinyu
    Former founder and chair of IFCSS, Founder of PFDC
  35. Liu Xinlai
    former student activist in Tian An Men Square in 1989
  36. Lu Zhongwei
    supporter and dissident . Now lawyer in VA.
  37. Yan Dunzheng    718 445 0639
    veteran human rights activist
  38. Liu Jingde
    human rights activist in japan
  39. Yu Dahai
    former chair of FDC and editor of Beijing Spring magazine
  40. Ren Wanding       861060531355
    senior dissident and human rights activist, in jail for more than 10 years, still in China
    founder of Human Rights Coalition with more than 100 members  and founder of Chinese Human Rights Magazine in 1979
  41. Qing Yongming          27 8636 5664 
    leader of unofficial Human Rights Watch in China since March 1998, living in Wuhan,      China. 
  42. Peter Wang, former student activist in China in 1989. in China right now.
  43. Qing Xiao
    co-founder of Modern Chinese Problem Research  Forum in Boston and dissident writer in USA.